14th – 20th DECEMBER 2019

It still feels like we’re on holiday, with Matt being home and it being Christmas time. I sometimes forget we actually live here, well, for three months anyway! 

This week it’s Ellas birthday!! She’s turning four and has asked for a rainbow cake, a rainbow unicorn, and wants to go swimming. Swimming was easy, we went to the Youth Park and played in all the different pools. For a rainbow cake we bought Neapolitan ice cream, decorated it with lollies and marshmallows and declared it a rainbow cake (creative or what). Ella was over the moon. As for the rainbow unicorn…yeah, we had nothing. Fortunately there was a squirrel climbing a tree at the park; as Ella LOVES squirrels, the rainbow unicorn was forgotten, phew!

We walked down to Tesco (how very British) to do a huge grocery shop of nappies, wipes and non-perishable food. Tesco is cheaper for bulk stuff than the Cold Storage supermarket in the mall below our apartment. Therefore it made sense to come and buy enough for the rest of our time here. We took a Grab back home as we had way too much to carry onto the bus. I hadn’t even considered that we wouldn’t have car seats for E+J until the Grab was packed and we were getting in. Not my best parenting moment. I have a post about carseats with kids in South East Asia; be ready for me to contradict myself a few times. It’s a topic I’m super passionate about, but I’m also realistic that while we’re travelling it’s not always possible to use them.

The family who own the Airbnb we are staying in asked if we wanted to come for a day trip to Penang National Park to trek through the jungle. Can you guess what Matts answer was? A definite yes. The plan was to walk to Monkey beach, however the middle of the track has fallen in and it’s now inaccessible by foot. Instead, we went to Turtle Beach and visited the Turtle Sanctuary. The track was 6km return and Ella walked the whole way by herself! It was a beautiful spot, and the family had packed a huge picnic lunch to share with us.

At the end of the week we took another trip to Georgetown. To be more specific, we went to Little India for samosas! We tried onion bajji which was a no vote for me+J and a yes vote from Matt+E; as well as dal vada, a yes from everyone, which is like an Indian style falafel. We wandered around for the afternoon searching for hidden street art and admiring the many temples.

Matt has been taking the kids down to the little bay at Straits Quay allowing me to work from home alone. We have found working at home is very difficult. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but it’s impossible to concentrate. It’s very stressful when I can hear the kids crying for me cause they know I’m in the bedroom, and they don’t understand why I won’t come out and spend time with them. I may have to look for a co-working space, but as it’s an additional cost, I would rather not. We’ll see how next week goes and make a decision then, fingers crossed!


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