21st – 27th DECEMBER 2019

It’s Christmas week! I love Christmas. However, I’m married to a Grinch. Last year I managed to convince him (yes, there was begging involved and promises I never followed through on) to get a real Christmas tree and decorate it. Even if he did grumble it was a waste of money. This year however, the Grinch is blissfully happy. We are having no tree, no decorations, no Christmas lunch and no pavlova. Even more, and now don’t go fainting on me, no presents! Yes, yes I heard the sharp intake of breath you just took. I know you’re thinking ‘but you have CHILDREN!’. Well, they’re little and we’re in a different country with no family around. So the Grinch thought we’d get away with it. 

We had a pretty busy start to the week, doing two big days out back to back. I do.not. recommend this. The kids were shattered and grumpy and mummy doesn’t have wine to drown out all the whining. We visited the stunning Kek Lok Si temple. It has been on my list from the moment we chose Penang and it did not disappoint. The next day we went to Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm with our new ‘travel family’ friends. Ella got to release a newly emerged Butterly and we ate Pea Flower ice cream – sounds weird but was very yummy.

We celebrated Christmas Day in typical fashion Kiwi – at the beach. We had a picnic at Batu Ferringhi beach. Complete with mushy egg and cucumber sandwiches, and kuih kodok (think banana cake batter shaped in balls and deep fried) which the kids LOVE. While we had a lovely day, we missed not being at home for Christmas. We usually have three different celebrations and all of them involve delicious food and lots of booze. But most importantly, our family. 

We spent another two days this week at the beach. Matt has decided our next location is going to be a beach destination. It’s really easy with the kids, and they love it. This means Matts new job is to find the perfect location for us when we leave Penang in March.

I worked a little bit more this week, however it was pretty unscheduled and extremely unproductive. We’ve come to the reluctant conclusion that working from home is just not going to work. I’m going to see if I can find a co-working space close to our apartment. I suggested I work from cafes but Matt saw that for what it was, me wanting to drink coffee all day. He will only agree if a co-working space is more expensive than two coffees a day. It may have been my Christmas wish that all the co-working spaces are either ridiculously expensive, too far away, or simply booked to capacity. Cross your fingers for me!


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