7th – 13th DECEMBER 2019

Holy sh*t, it’s the end of our first week in Penang, Malaysia! I’ve always loved reading about the experiences of other world travelling families, and am so excited to share a weekly travel update with you all.

I honestly cannot believe that we are here. The idea of spending three months in a country we’d never been to before was like a distant dream. Even when our house was empty, our car drove away with its new owners, and everything we owned fit in the boot of my Mums car. 

I’ve written about our journey from Auckland to Penang, which went a lot smoother than I was anticipating. When travelling with a toddler whose favourite word in ‘no’ and an almost four year old who think she’s capable of doing absolutely everything by herself, you never know how they’ll cope with long haul travel.

This week has been very cruisy and exactly what we all needed. It feels like a holiday with Matt being around all day and me not working yet. The first five days we went for lots of walks and found a couple of playgrounds for E+J. We tried the hawker stalls, checked out the supermarket prices and explored the local wet market. There are some delicious hawkers just across the road from us. My favourite is one has seven corn and chilli dough balls for 1RM ($0.36NZD/$0.24USD). We’re all obsessed with them.

I found an app called Moovit which is a real time journey planner and we took the RapidPenang bus to Georgetown. Of course, for our first time there Matt chose to go to Little India, where we ate the most delicious samosas ever, they are so cheap 0.60RM ($0.22NZD/$0.14USD) each. I was very tempted to buy as many as I could stuff into our day bag for snacks at home! We took the kids to Esplanade Park, at the very end of Georgetown over looking the water. 

We spent a day at the ‘Youth Park’ with a family I met in a world travel group on Facebook. It was so nice to spend time with people who understand the lifestyle, and hear about their experiences. Ella especially loved having two little friends to play with as she misses being at kindy.

I’m feeling pretty relaxed so far, which a big deal for me! E+J are happy, if a little tired still from the jet lag. We’re starting to get in to a good routine and figure out what life will be like for the next 11 weeks.



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    January 18, 2020 / 3:18 PM

    Awesome travel blog!

    • travelworldkids
      January 20, 2020 / 8:34 PM

      Thank you!

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