Christmas is over but it’s not New Years yet, no one knows what day it is, and I miss cheese. The holiday season in New Zealand involves lots of cheese platters and I’m experiencing horrific FOMO. Cheese here is so expensive, and so is the beer Matt so badly wants. Maybe I’ll get him a beer for our anniversary next month and he can get me cheese…ah, marriage!

We met another lovely travelling family this week who have a boy a couple of months younger than Jack. We went to their apartment for a swim and they shouted us a delicious Indian lunch (who’s already guessed that Matt was stoked). I was a little worried about meeting other families while travelling as I get anxiety leading up to spending time with new people. Everyone we have met so far has been so friendly and nice. 

Unfortunately, our family was attacked by bugs this week. Within the space of three days, Jack had a 24 hour vomiting bug, Ella got conjunctivitis, and I got food poisoning. Matt was the only one who survived and then by default, was the one caring for us all! It was not a good 72 hours.

E+J were pretty much fine by New Years Eve, so we went into Georgetown for the evening. We bought samosas, spring rolls, and a burger to share for dinner. It was so nice to relax at the park at the beside the ocean and watch the sun set. There were heaps of families around so E+J played with a few other kids. They even made friends with a group of boys from mainland Penang who were selling light up balloons.

We’d actually planned to spend NYE at Pesta Pulau Pinang, a funfair with carnival rides and games. However as it was at the other end of the Island and I was still feeling a bit weak, Matt said he didn’t think it was a good idea. I still really wanted to go and was a bit pissed off that we were going to miss it, as New Years Eve was the last night it was on. Though on our way home I went white and almost fainted. So the last best decision of 2019 goes to Matt.

I found a cheap co-working space close to our apartment that has FREE COFFEE – yay! I’ve booked it for a month and started on Thursday. I LOVE it. It has a beautiful view over the beach, has lots of indoor plants, is cool and comfortable, and it’s only a five minute bus ride away from home. I keep saying to Matt that I’m off to the office, he just rolls his eyes me, but I am super excited. I feel like a real adult.


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