4th – 10th JANUARY

This week was my first week working full time and it feels AMAZING! I’m much more productive working away from home. E+J run up to me and give me cuddles when I get back, which is so lovely. I’ll admit I was always jealous of the way Matt used to be welcomed home!

Setting up an online business is sooooo time consuming, and challenging, oh my god, is it challenging. I spent two days trying to sort out a problem on my website. It ended in me crying at my laptop in an office full of people because I was so overwhelmed and frustrated – embarrassing!

I think I just need to accept that I know nothing and I’m going to feel stupid a lot of the time. It’s okay to start at the bottom, and I am capable of learning! I’ve also been writing ‘actually, I can’ on my arm each day; and am seriously considering getting it as a tattoo. Whenever my self sabotaging brain shows up saying “you know nothing, you’re a failure and you CAN’T DO THIS” I glance down at my wrist, breath and whisper, actually, I can. I swear between the crying and the talking to myself, everyone in the office thinks I’m bat-shit crazy!

It’s been a food focused week. We’ve tried lots of new foods as well as some of our favourites! E+J smashed back three mangos at Tanjung Bungah market and Jack learnt to say corn when we bought char grilled corn-on-the-cob. We tried Cendol (a dessert with green rice flour jelly, coconut milk, rice and sugar syrup) at Miami Beach. I made us walk an extra 2km to find Ais Tingkap, a drink with ice, coconut water, basil seeds and rose sherbet, from Chowrasta Market. E+J devoured falafel, pita and hummus from Love Lane; as well as a weird pork sausage wrapped in thin flakey pastry. Matt’s been gorging himself on Laksa, a coconut/fish based noodle soup with cucumber, red onion, mint and pineapple. He has to eat it out of the pot at home because the portion is so big it doesn’t all fit in the bowl!

One of the lovely families we’ve met left Malaysia for Thailand, so we spent our last day with them at the beautiful Botanical Gardens. It was really sad saying goodbye! We’ll meet another travelling family this weekend, as they’ve just booked into the same apartment complex as us! 

Matt bought E+J down to the beach out the front of my co-working space for an afternoon. I joined them a couple of hours later for dinner, which was a lot of fun. Life has been very chill, which was what we’d wanted. I think we made the right decision to stay in one place for three months. The kids have a routine and I can work a more normal week. We’re also experiencing Penang in a way we wouldn’t if we were just here for a week or so on holiday. 


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