Hi, we are a family of four from New Zealand. We Kiwis are laid back, love the beach and BBQ’s, and saying things like ‘Yeah, nah’ (it means both yes, and no, helpful aye), ‘Sweet as’ (this means yes), and using ‘Oi’ to get someones attention.

We left New Zealand for Malaysia at the end of 2019, after selling everything we owned to travel indefinitely. We’re low cost travellers, stretching our savings as far as they’ll go while creating an income online to continue our wandering around the world. We post our monthly expenses, updates on our nomadic life, reviews of products and experiences, destination guides for families, and share all the tips we’ve learnt while travelling with two little ones.



I’m a qualified health coach, though I’ve never worked as one, and am interested in holistic nutrition and wellness. I am addicted to reading nonconventional birth stories and gave birth to Jack at home. My happiest moments are when I’m with people I love and I am an over talkative over sharer! An obsession with travel is what prompted me to start writing about our experiences as budget family travellers. I’m the voice behind our blog, usually writing from a local co-working space, with a coffee in my hand. I also feature on travel websites and have just had my first collaboration published.

Always wants to eat: pasta and corn-on-the-cob
Can’t live without: a spare hair tie
Scared of: snakes
You’ll find me: doing yoga every morning
Happiest when: reading a trashy romance novel
Countries visited: 12


He’ll tell you he’s a ‘retired builder’ now a stay-at-home-dad, who doubles as our family photographer. Mainly because if he’s in the photo his eyes are closed – we have 200 wedding photos to prove this! He’s a foodie who will try just about anything, and he loves activities that’ll get him sweaty – running, hiking, mountain biking, surfing, as well as skiing. You name it, he’s up for it. Matt’s participated in heaps of running events, for example the 80km Sir Edmund Hillary Trail through the Waitakere Ranges in New Zealand. He has a goal to finish a 100 mile (160km) trail run.

Always wants to eat: Indian food or lollies
Can’t live without: the podcast app
Scared of: having to go back to building
You’ll find him: baby wearing Jack with Ella on his shoulders
Happiest when: drinking a cold beer while out sailing
Countries visited: 12


Miss Ella-boo; she’s confident, friendly, chatty and full of sass. She loves cats, playing dress up, drawing and being in nature. Ella will never say no to sweet foods, is always asking for glitter and will often wander off because she’s seen something ‘so cool mum’ and just has to have a closer look.

Age: 4 years old
Always wants to eat: watermelon or chocolate
Can’t live without: her rainbow unicorn sunglasses
Scared of: crocodiles
You’ll find her: reorganising her clothes or her toys
Happiest when: swimming at the beach
Countries visited: Malaysia


Almost always called ‘baby Jack’, or ‘Jack-Jack’; he’s a curious, active, and cheeky but sweet little boy. He loves lizards, dancing, swings and saying ‘no’. Jack’s obsessed with cars, motorbikes, busses etc. basically if it has wheels he’s pointing it out and squealing with delight.

Age: almost 2 years old
Always wants to eat: grapes or chicken
Can’t live without: his little blue dummy rabbit
Scared of: flies
You’ll find him: dragging dining room chairs to climb on and look out the window
Happiest when: stomping on sandcastles
Countries visited: Malaysia

We are so excited to share our travels and truly grateful for this experience. We’d love it if you followed along with us here, as well as on social media, and we hope to leave you inspired to travel too!

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